Enrichment Program

Group Sessions $15 per session

Private Sessions $20 per session

The well-being of your dog is our top priority. In order to ensure that your dog has the best holiday possible, we use several different Enrichment techniques to help dogs feel calmer and happier, support their sensory needs, and reduce boredom, anxiety and stress throughout their stay.

This includes the use of music which has been designed specifically for dogs and has been scientifically proven to help dogs relax, as well as the use of Aromatherapy, and three standard Exercise Sessions per day to provide your dog with environmental enrichment and the opportunity to take a stroll, do some sniffing or rolling around on the grass, and enjoy the sunshine.


In addition to our standard Enrichment Protocols enjoyed by all our guests, we have developed an Enrichment Program that runs Monday – Friday, and incorporates lots of games and activities to stimulate and challenge your dog’s brain and create a more positive, productive experience during their stay with us.

Modern research has shown that Canine Enrichment is vital for the emotional and psychological well-being of all dogs, and our Enrichment Program is designed to stimulate all of your dog’s senses and allow them to fulfill their natural innate needs in a safe environment. Our Enrichment Program also helps dogs to build confidence and resilience, and reinforces basic manners by rewarding polite behaviour.

Play and human interaction are vital for a dog’s mental health. As part of our Enrichment Program, we use interactive toys including Treat Puzzles, Treat Balls, Stuffed Kongs, LickiMats, Ball Pits, Kiddy Pools, Obstacle Courses, Sniffaris, Tug-of-War and Fetch games to encourage your dog to keep busy and have fun in our large Enrichment Yard which includes an undercover area for rainy days.


Sociable dogs can enjoy group play with other dogs, matched up according to size, temperament and play styles. Playgroups are excellent for making your dog’s stay with us a pleasant and fun one. Socialization is one of the most valuable forms of enrichment for many dogs.

If your dog does not enjoy the company of other dogs, or if they are not suitable for group sessions, we offer private sessions where your dog will have the full attention of a staff member and have the opportunity to participate in all the activities mentioned. Each session is designed specifically to target the needs of the dog/s in that session, so activities will vary depending on what your dog enjoys most.
Participation in all activities is optional, as it is important to give your dog choice and autonomy in the activities he chooses to engage in.

Regardless of whether your dog enjoys being active and on the go, is food oriented and enjoys treat hunts, or prefers to quietly sniff around the garden and sit on the couch for cuddles with one of our lovely staff members, our goal is to ensure that your dog has the very best holiday possible and that all their needs are met.

If you would like to book your dog in for any sessions in our Enrichment Program, you can let us know at time of booking or when you drop them off for their holiday. Please note that our Enrichment Program is very popular, and may get booked out over busy periods.