Frequently Asked Questions

the most commonly asked questions about our facility

What do I need to bring?

Your dogs current, valid, vaccination certificate. We cannot admit your dog into The Dog House without this. You do not need to bring beds, bedding or toys however if you choose to whatever you bring must be freshly laundered and labeled, we cannot guarantee safe return of these items. We provide beds, bedding and toys.


If you dog requires medication, special diet or any special needs you need to provide us with clear written documentation.


Will my dog share a room?

Most dogs are sociable and thrive in the  company of another dog. At the dog house we match your dog with another of similar age size and activity level. If your dog prefers to be on his own he will require a private room.


Will my dog get Canine Cough?

Sending your dog to a kennel is like sending a child to school. If a virus is about some will be affected and some not. It only takes one affected dog to spread a virus, remember we only accept vaccinated dogs and turn away any dog that shows symptoms of disease. Most viruses have a lengthy incubation period so some dogs will slip under the radar.


No amount of hygiene or disinfecting can completely combat an airborne virus. If you leave your dog in a kennel you need to accept the risk that your dog may contract a virus. The most common viruses we see are Canine cough* and gastroenteritis.


What if my Dog gets sick?

At the Dog House we have a vet on call 24 hours a day in the case of an emergency. Provided your preferred Veterinary Clinic is within a reasonable distance from the Dog House, we will always take your Dog to their usual Vet.

How much human interaction will my dog receive?

Within a normal days activities at The Dog House, your dog will receive between 9 and 11  human interactions per day.


Will my dog be exercised?

Yes 3 times per day, Please see daily routine. Additional exercise in our new Super Play area is available at an additional charge.


Can I provide his own food?

Yes at no additional cost, clear instructions must be provided.


Check in?

You may check in your dog any time during our Opening Hours, however it is recommended that you allow a sufficient time for your Dog to get settled in before bed time. Therefore we like our guests to arrive at least a few hours prior to 5:00pm.


Times fed?

We generally feed our Guests in the morning however we can also provide evening meals if necessary


Can I inspect, or take my dog to their room?

You can inspect the Kennel Facility During our opening Hours. We recommend you arrive between 11:00am - 3:00 pm, which will ensure we have sufficient time to inform you and show you through the facility. We prefer you say goodbye to your pet at reception when dropping of your Dog as it makes for a smoother transition and is generally a lot better for you dog.


What size are rooms?

Our standard small dog rooms are 7.5 square metres and Our standard Large dog rooms are 10 square metres both comprising of an indoor and veranda area. Our penthouse Suite is 15 square metres plus a private grassed play area.

Daily Routine

7.30am – 9.00

Good Morning to all our Guests! Toilet time and an early morning stretch, whilst our guests rooms are cleaned and disinfected. Beds are made and water-bowls refreshed.

9am – 9.30

Breakfast is served. Premium holistic dry and preservative free meat loaf. Administration of am medications.

9.30 – 10.30

Bowl collected, feeding notes recorded if applicable, daily health checks performed.

Weights recorded as required,

10.30 – 12.10

All guests are exercised in our grassed play areas on a rotational basis.

10.30 – 2.00

Playtime upgrade in the Play Park, for booked guests


Bathing as required

2pm- 2.30pm

Rest time

2.30pm –3.20 pm

Feeding and medications as required

3.20 – 5.00pm

All guests are exercised in our grassed play areas on a rotational basis.

Goodnight cuddle, treat and bed time.

High level Care

We pride ourselves on providing the best care for your dogs. With a high staff-dog ratio, 24hour vet service and daily health checks


With three exercise sessions per day, and the option for a playtime upgrade, you can be sure your dog is getting all the exercise they need


The dog house is fully heated and air-conditioned, ensuring you pet enjoys the same comforts that they would receive at home


"With a life time passion for pets, Mary-Ann and Barry O’Reilly are more than qualified to care for your best friend"


The O’Reilly family  have a combined lifetime of experience working in the professional pet care industry. They have enjoyed breeding and showing their Rottweilers and West Highland White Terriers, and have developed a deep understanding of all things canine.


All our staff are industry trained and love what they do.


The next time you go away, leave your best friend with confidence in the experienced care of Mary-Ann, Barry and the wonderful staff at The Dog House Pet Resort.

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